Budaya Menulis di Kalangan Mahasiswa


Menulis merupakan pekerjaan yang mudah jika kita mengetahui dan mengerti apa yang akan kita tulis. Menulis adalah menuangkan apa yang kita pikirkan lewat tulisan atau huruf yang nantinya akan dibaca oleh diri sendiri atau orang lain.Mungkin bagi sebagian orang menulis merupakan pekerjaan yang sulit dan membosankan. Bahkan sekarang ini tidak sedikit anak-anak yang tidak suka menulis. Orangtua juga sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing sehingga tidak mendidik anaknya untuk suka menulis. 

Budaya menulis saat ini di kalangan anak-anak sudah menjadi hal yang jarang terlihat, bahkan di kalangan mahasiswa pun banyak yang tidak suka menulis. Padahal seorang mahasiswa seharusnya sudah dituntut untuk bisa menulis baik itu tulisan esai maupaun tulisan karya ilmiah. 

Yang menjadi pertanyaan sekarang ini adalah mengapa mahasiswa sekarang tidak suka menulis? Apakah itu pekerjaan yang sulit? Sudah saatnya mahasiswa harus sadar akan budaya menulis yang penting. Dengan membiasakan diri menulis maka akan tumbuh kebiasaan dan akan menjadikan hal tersebut mudah untuk dikerjakan. Mari kita biasakan budaya menulis mulai sekarang! 



[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu once again receives ‘Popular Star Award’ at the 2012 Musical Awards


JYJ‘s Kim Junsu displayed his major popularity as a musical actor.

On June 4th, Junsu was awarded the ‘Popular Star Award’ for his role in ‘Elizabeth‘ at the 6th annual ‘Musical Awards’ held in Seoul.

It was the third consecutive year he received this award, and the singer/actor remarked, “I feel bashful, receiving this award for three straight years. I heard that the results were based 100% on fan votes, and I hope that all of you who voted for me will live long, prosperous lives.”

Junsu played the role of ‘death’ in the musical, displaying his wide range of talents.

Congratulations to Junsu!

Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jun Su receives the Popularity Award for three consecutive years (Updated!)


JYJ’s Jun Su was nominated as the most popular star for three consecutive years.

On the afternoon of June 4, Kim received the Popularity Award with his appearance in the musical Elizabethat the 6th The Musical Awards that was held at the National Theater of Korea. Thus, he received the award for three consecutive years.

Kim revealed his feelings by saying, “Embarrassingly, I received the award for three consecutive years. I heard that the audience and fans’ votes are 100%. Thank you so much for choosing me.”

Kim Seon Young who received the Popularity Award with Kim Jun Su, revealed her feelings by saying, “I’ll take it as a present from you all. Thank you so much.”

The Best Actor and Actress Awards were given to Doctor Zhivago’s Cho Seung Woo and Elizabeth’s Ok Joo Hyun.

Source: TV Report
Credit: korea.com
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[NEWS] Battle Between the Princes – Park Yoochun and Lee Seunggi


Recently the actors who were first singers are more active than ever before, and among them, Lee Seunggi and JYJ’s Park Yoochun accomplished notable success as actors. They proudly showcase their great acting abilities which parallel that of experienced actors, and made the audience forget that they were first singers.

‘Rooftop Prince’ of SBS and ‘The King2hearts’ of MBC, were aired on the same time and what’s more, they were both dramas containing princes. This competition between the two dramas finally ended on the 25th.

– “Rooftop Prince” Park Yoochun: From Seriousness to Laughter
Park Yoochun took on the challenge of acting two roles in this drama. In order to investigate the murder case of Joseon Crown Princess, Crown Prince Lee Gak, who traveled 300 years, took on the role of Home&Shopping heir Yong Taeyong.

In the beginning, the Crown Prince guards himself with seriousness and strictness. I think it may be Yoochun’s experience in “Sungkyunkuan Scandal” that allowed him to play that role easily. However, as soon as Lee Gak traveled to modern times, Yoochun started his acting that instigated so much laughter and created all the funny events.

As such, Park Yoochun’s Lee Gak was born. Though seriousness and laughter are completely opposite concepts and if leaning towards either of them it would shake Lee Gak’s role, Yoochun didn’t lose his center and showed all the faces of Lee Gak. Thus, through “Sungkyunkuan Scandal”, “Miss Ripley” and now “Rooftop Prince”, Park Yoochun has successfully put on the clothes of an actor.

– Winner is?

Between Park Yoochun and Lee Seunggi, they really played an even battle. Even the rating was fairly similar. However, there must be a winner, thus this round is won by Park Yoochun.
“Rooftop Prince” is a drama that holds characteristics of that of a period, mystery, and romance drama. Fitting Park Yoochun’s multi-faceted acting skills, he perfectly digested Lee Gak’s personality and role.

Translated By: g.fanns of JYJ3
Source: Nate
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[INFO] Junsu’s ‘Xia Tarantallegra Tops Gaon’s ‘Physical Album’ Chart (week 5/13 to 5/19)


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